We were Leicesters first Balayage and freehand Salon.  Perfecting our techniques over the last five years we consider ourselves connoisseurs.

Our team are incredibly strong colourists be it traditional foils, tints or colour change.

ServiceSalon DirectorArtistic DirectorCreative DesignerSenior StylistStylist
Whole Head Highlights£70£65£59£53£50
Half Head Highlights£54£48£42£36£33
T Section£46£40£34£28£25
Platinum Finish HighlightsAdd £5Add £5Add £5Add £5Add £5
Root Tint£48£42£36£30£27
Full Tint£55£49£43£37£34
Smudge (Parting Only)£40£34£28£24£21
Semi Permanent£50£44£38£34£32
Clear Gloss Treatment£50£44£38£34£32
TonersFrom £15From £15From £15From £15From £15
Fashion ColourQuotationQuotationQuotationQuotationQuotation
ServiceSalon Director
Whole Head Highlights£70
Half Head Highlights£54
T Section£46
Platinum Finish HighlightsAdd £5
Root Tint£48
Full Tint£55
Smudge (Parting Only)£40
Semi Permanent£50
Clear Gloss Treatment£50
TonersFrom £5
Fashion ColourQuotation
ServiceArtistic Director
Whole Head Highlights£65
Half Head Highlights£48
T Section£40
Platinum Finish HighlightsAdd £5
Root Tint£42
Full Tint£49
Smudge (Parting Only)£34
Semi Permanent£44
Clear Gloss Treatment£44
TonersFrom £5
Fashion ColourQuotation
ServiceCreative Designer
Whole Head Highlights£59
Half Head Highlights42
T Section£34
Platinum Finish HighlightsAdd £5
Root Tint£36
Full Tint£43
Smudge (Parting Only)£28
Semi Permanent£38
Clear Gloss Treatment£38
TonersFrom £5
Fashion ColourQuotation
ServiceSenior Stylist
Whole Head Highlights£53
Half Head Highlights£36
T Section£28
Platinum Finish HighlightsAdd £5
Root Tint£30
Full Tint£37
Smudge (Parting Only)£24
Semi Permanent£34
Clear Gloss Treatment£34
TonersFrom £5
Fashion ColourQuotation
Whole Head Highlights£50
Half Head Highlights33
T Section£25
Platinum Finish HighlightsAdd £5
Root Tint£27
Full Tint£34
Smudge (Parting Only)£21
Semi Permanent£32
Clear Gloss Treatment£32
TonersFrom £5
Fashion ColourQuotation